Fairfield County Writers Group

About FCWG

Fairfield County Writers Group is led by Rekka Jay, with assistance from Nancy Powell and Dave D'Alessio. Prior to 2016, the group was led by Charles Muir.

The Group has monthly write-ins at the Westport Public Library, upstairs in the Weeks Seminar Room. There are plenty of power outlets, free WiFi, plus a cafe in the Library lobby. Please see our Event Calendar for dates and times.

We have a Facebook Group for discussion, celebration, and commiseration. If you would like to join the group, please be sure that your public Facebook profile has some indication that you live in the region, or message the group admin to confirm you're in the area. We will reject any unexplained members from outside the region (to avoid solicitations and ghosts).

On NaNoWriMo.org we are USA::Connecticut::Fairfield County. Rekka Jay (as user rjtheodore) is also the Municipal Liaison for this NaNoWriMo chapter.